• Justin Gilfus
    Justin GilfusCEO

    Justin Joined the Army in 2010 as a Cavalry Scout. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 and was honorably discharged in 2013. After returning home, he began pursuing, and continues to pursue, his education. After being invited to become a part of Ads For The Road, he began transforming the company into a media platform that Texas has never seen before.

    “I want to bring outdoor advertisement into the digital age.”

    • David Dibkey
      David DibkeyCOO

      David Joined the Army 1975 as an Air Traffic Controller, and served as a Crew Chief while stationed in Korea. David was honorably discharged in 1979, and began pursuing his passion in aviation. David attended college for three years to become a Technical Aviation Mechanic. After 1996, David transferred to Aviation Quality Engineering and worked for large aircraft manufacturers in design and manufacturing. The skills David acquired throughout the last 30 years allowed him to design and develop the digital advertising platforms that Ads For The Road uses today.

      • Steve Meyer
        Steve MeyerCTO

        Steve has a unique mix of business, marketing, and technical skills. Steve founded multiple startups by creating minimum viable products and utilizing innovative marketing techniques to generate revenue and financial growth. He recruited and led small teams of software developers producing award-winning solutions. He also helped create and expand new and untapped business opportunities by evangelizing product, brand, and market. He currently volunteers with non-profits and mentoring/advising startups.
        (Techstars Austin 2016 Top 5 Mentor and member of Spring 2017 Selection Committee)

        • Kristine Bryant
          Kristine BryantMarketing

          Kristine has over 10 years of experience in marketing and has been the Director of Marketing for multiple companies. She has a diverse work history that includes consulting small businesses in business planning, management, business development and marketing strategy. Kristine also works with Bunker Labs Austin to mentor veterans as they transition out of the service.

          Ads For The Road is a completely veteran-owned and operated advertising group.

          Every one of our veterans has served this great country proudly from the Vietnam era through the current War on Terror. Each of our veterans have found a new calling with Ads For The Road. When you choose to work with us, you are working with veterans who will bring the same motivation to getting your business noticed.