The outdoor advertising industry is slow to adopt innovative ideas, and understandably so, since the status quo is currently driving revenue. Many business owners still adhere to the “Rule of 7,” an old principle stating most prospects need to come into contact with your product seven times before taking action.

I once met a very well-established business man that advised all franchise owners buy a billboard in order to check outdoor advertising off a proverbial list, in efforts to reach the seven exposures. This is a great strategy for the businesses who can afford to make advertising investments just to use up their budget, but we’re not all so fortunate.

As with many industries, it is an outsider who is changing outdoor advertising for the better by providing affordable access and actionable analytics for every customer — not just the corporate giants.

The role of an outsider in an industry is the same as a newborn coming into the world. They are not bound by prevailing thoughts or experiences that challenge their judgments. They also completely and irrevocably change the perspective of the lives they touch. If you want to change something, you should start from scratch. Trial and error is the foundation of challenging the status quo because a fresh perspective can provide new pathways, even in an experiment that has been done before.

Organizations within the outdoor advertising industry are under increasing pressure to improve how they operate and provide feedback to their customers. New technologies like geolocation, beacons and IR scanners are poor attempts to meet new demands for better reporting and analytics. When outdoor advertising providers begin to offer real-time data for impressions, customer engagement, and ROI, the industry will grow just as online advertising has, because outdoor advertising will become more measurable and affordable for small to mid-sized businesses.

Here at Ads For The Road, we are a group of veterans and spouses of veterans who are not shackled by traditional ways of thinking. We believe that our customers deserve actionable data, not just the latest bells and whistles of a digital billboard. I’m extremely grateful and excited to be a part of this awesome team of outsiders challenging the industry standard. We have made great strides in solving the issue of accountability within the industry and will be rolling out a new (patent pending) technology platform to change outdoor advertising for the better. Soon, we’ll have the ability to provide real-time data that will enable billboard owners to gather analytics, document metrics to justify location and timing, and measure consumer engagement.

We’d love to hear your experiences, both positive and negative, with the advertising industry so we can use your feedback to shape our new product. This platform will be designed to benefit both providers and customers, and we’ll keep you updated with more exciting announcements about our launch. We’re looking forward to welcoming our technology “newborn” and hope you’ll support our group of outsiders as we drive innovation and accountability in the outdoor advertising industry.


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