Everyone’s perception of outdoor advertising is the large billboards along the roadways. There are an estimated 2 million billboards along highways alone, and this does not include the massive expansion of outdoor advertising in urban settings. This accelerated growth in a confined market and during the technological age has placed strain on the industry and is forcing the outdoor advertising industry to evolve and embrace the digital attributes that make an advertisement stand above the rest.

The outdoor advertising market still consists mostly of printed media, such as billboards, vehicle wraps, posters, etc. However, there has been a shift towards digital platforms, which have the highest impact. Digital billboards allow the advertiser to throw off the constraints of traditional outdoor advertising and provide absolutely breathtaking, interactive content. An example of this is a campaign done by Women’s Aid in 2014 that used a digital billboard and a facial recognition camera to increase awareness about abuse against women. The camera would determine how many people were looking at the billboard and the more people that looked, the more the woman would heal. The message was, it only takes one person to notice the problem and start making a change. Reaching outside the box and using these kinds of technology will help your company become noticed and build a captivated audience.

The billboard has long been an advertising platform for the giants of industry because of the inherent cost of production alone. The small business engine of our economy has had to shift to online advertising because it is more affordable. With the explosion of online advertising, the outdoor industry has accelerated the adoption of digital billboards for the cost savings they provide to the customer. In some cases, a company can put together an outdoor campaign across a city for a competitive cost to online advertising. If you accompany this with the $7 billion a year in online advertising fraud, maybe it’s time to do some research about what is a better medium for your advertising.

Return on investment is not a new phenomenon, but with the rise of big data, an increased pressure to demonstrate accountability has the outdoor advertising industry struggling to find an answer. The first accountability solution was a non-profit company called Geopath, formerly known as TAB, which was established in 1933 to audit outdoor advertising. Although they have announced that they are seeking real-time analytics, Geopath and many others still use traffic flows and outdated population counts to estimate how well the advertisement is performing. This is one of the most difficult hurdles the industry is facing, because not only does the advertiser want to know how many people are viewing the ad, but they also want to know whether it drives revenue. This requires the digital capability to track impressions at the source of the advertisement, as well as the subsequent actions taken by consumers.

Advertising, when done correctly, can be one of the biggest drivers of growth for an organization. The medium you choose makes a huge impact on the success of your campaign. If you’re looking for customer engagement and targeted reach, contact Ads For The Road today to find out if digital outdoor advertising is right for your organization. Let’s work together to find a solution that will drive your company’s success.

Written by: Justin Gilfus


Edited by: Kristine Bryant


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