Guerrilla advertising is one of the biggest, most rapidly expanding spaces in the outdoor advertising world. It’s all about getting in front of people in crowds, drawing them in and winning them over. Billboards aren’t always the solution, especially if your audience isn’t near one. So how do you turn massive events into massive advertising opportunities? You turn to guerrilla advertising to get the job done. Ads For The Road is introducing a creative and impactful solution for guerrilla advertisements with Mobile TV Billboards.

Mobile TV billboards can go anywhere within the crowd to showcase your story in a unique and immersive way. A team of 2 to 10 associates will strap the billboards to their backs and circulate the advertisement throughout the crowds to make lasting, eye-catching impressions. Each TV billboard is a rectangular high definition 40” LED display that can be viewed from up to 100 feet away. Each screen is completely customizable to meet your unique needs and guerrilla marketing goals with full video and audio.

The team circulates in organized formations for maximum audience impact, reaching crowds at Austin City Limits, UT football games, or in Austin’s entertainment district. In addition to its massive reach and versatility, the TV billboards can be set up in as little as 45 seconds. In a field growing as rapidly as guerrilla advertising, every second counts. Don’t let your audience simply walk past your message. Ads For The Road has the stopping power you need to make a lasting impact.

Written by Anthony Edsall.

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