Outdoor advertising is to the eye as a song is to the ear. If your advertisement does not “shout,” you have lost your audience’s attention. Outdoor billboards are still the best way to reach a large audience, and digital signage grabs your attention like no other.

Outdoor billboards gained popularity with the creation of the affordable car. When the majority of the nation started to drive, the only way to catch their attention was with a roadside billboard. However, because large billboards are geared towards drivers, they sometimes miss out on the potential audience on the ground. Vehicle billboards have been on the rise in recent years, but their print advertisements rely on expensive campaigns. With Ads For The Road, you can harness the mass appeal of outdoor advertising without having to spend a massive amount.

By leveraging innovative technology, Ads For The Road ensures your message reaches your target audience. We’ve placed digital signage on Austin’s largest electronic cab fleet, as well as one of the largest pedicab fleets in Austin, making mass appeal extremely easy. Our digital billboard solutions offer targeting like never before and can be changed or adjusted in an instant, at no production cost. Advertising markets are competitive, but Ads For The Road will make the process easy and effective for you. It’s time to say goodbye to old print media and bring your advertising into the digital age.

Written by Justin Gilfus

Edited for length and clarity by Anthony Edsall

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