It doesn’t matter the cost of developing the best product in the world if your target audience does not perceive it to be the best product in the world. Advertising helps mold the perception of your audience and add value to your business. One example of the power of advertising is the “Hatch” green chili festival/season.

“Foodies” love hatch green chili season. During this period, all of the grocery stores and restaurants start serving the delicious pepper, roasted to bring out their sweet and spicy flavors. The only downside is waiting around for the season to begin each year. But do we really have to wait?

In reality, “hatch” green chilies are just regular green chilies grown in the city of Hatch, New Mexico. There is absolutely no difference in the green chili from Hatch and any other green chili. The reason that Hatch chilies are sought after, is because the town of Hatch has a great advertising team that has molded their audience’s perception.

In another instance, marketing helped stave off famine. King Fredrick the Great was the king of Prussia during the 18th century. He wanted his country to adopt the potato as a source of food, in order to stabilize the wheat market and provide a second crop to fall back on in times of famine. The problem was that a potato does not look very appetizing to someone who has never seen one before. So, in effort to “re-brand” the potato, King Fredrick took it away and declared it a “royal food.” He had a large potato garden with guards posted around it, who were given secret instructions to not guard it very well. Within one year there was an underground potato movement and gardens began to grow everywhere.

Don’t rely on the old motto “if we build it, they will come,” because if you don’t market your product, they won’t know that you built it. Take into account what your consumers’ current perception is and how you can mold that perception. If you’re interested in learning more about how advertising can impact your brand, reach out to Ads For The Road and let us add value to your business.

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