Outdoor advertising has been largely slow to adapt innovative technologies. The industry still relies heavily on print media, but digital billboards have been on the rise. It’s time for the outdoor advertising industry to embrace the digital age and become more dynamic.

At Ads For The Road, we put technology at the forefront of our business strategy. The first step was incorporating high-impact digital signage that is highly customizable and adaptable, using taxi top digital billboards. These digital billboards were the launching pad for the software that Ads For The Road developed and has now placed in more than 100 outdoor advertising displays in Austin.

What makes Ads For The Road so effective in the outdoor advertising industry is our ability to provide a completely customizable product for each client. Rather than picking from a set menu of billboards or displays, our clients are only limited by their own campaign scope. Each outdoor billboard or display uses GPS to adjust advertisements and target specific markets, and is capable of both static and video content, constantly collecting new proof of play analytics.

We are constantly improving and developing innovative technology to change outdoor advertising for the better. If you want your brand in the hands of a company that will drive success, reach out to us today.

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