Austin is known for its strict codes and business regulations, and the outdoor signage codes are no exception. These codes have caused inflation and stagnation in the advertising industry in Austin. With Austin’s CodeNEXT underway to streamline the regulations, the barrier to entry may be lowered, but not without a price.

Currently, the city has two types of codes in place for billboards: on- and off-premise signs. On-premise signs are private signs used for a business, and are unregulated and growing every day. Off-premise signs are defined as any type of stationary billboard for rent. The strict codes for off-premise signs have restricted billboard growth since 1983, causing the billboard count to remain the same. The new regulations will make digital billboards more accessible in Austin, but it will be at a great price to the market. Every digital billboard that is installed must replace two static billboards. This will only cause supply of stationary billboards to decrease and prices to increase.

Ads For The Road has positioned itself to work inside the confines of the city’s code. Currently, stationary billboards are impossible to build in Austin and are beginning to become background noise in our day-to-day life. This is why we decided to take outdoor advertising from stagnant signage to customizable, adaptable brand experiences. By leveraging innovative technology, we can target advertisements and build audience engagement. By partnering with LoneStar Cab, Electronic Cabs of Austin, and one of the largest pedicab fleets, Ads For the Road has built the most dynamic outdoor digital platform in Austin. Every eCab and pedicab is equipped with touch screen displays that engage passengers along their route. Advertisers can even incorporate functionalities such as games or videos. Additionally, every vehicle can be equipped with up to a 40” full HD display.

If you truly want to build your brand and not be limited by traditional media, contact Ads For The Road today.

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