Ads For The Road has partnered with Movement Bike Cab of Austin to bring our clients a more dynamic advertising platform. Movement Bike Cab has been a staple of Austin’s downtown pedicab transportation for the last eight years. Austin provides the optimal year round pedicab environment, which means that there is no downtime for any pedicab advertising opportunities. Ads For The Road leverages technology to hyper target any outdoor advertisement campaign. There is no longer a need to have a blanket out-of-home advertising campaign with Ads For The Road


Movement Bike Cab designs and builds Austin’s very first pedicab passenger display called the I-. Ads For The Road provides the interface and technology to make the I- a powerful tool for any campaign. Each digital display uses geo-fencing and time of day to display the most effective advertisement. The I- system is made up of up to 34 interconnected displays that work together to give your campaign more impact.

Each of the 52 pedicabs are available for full and partial wraps, along with wheel disks. All of the production and design is done in house and not outsourced to any third party, which means lower costs and faster turnaround. Make your advertisement move your audience with pedicab advertising!

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