Ads For The Road has now partnered with the largest electronic cab service in the nation, Ecab of Austin. These iconic and eye-catching vehicles are in the streets of Austin every night moving Austin’s population inside the entertainment district. Ecab of Austin has up to 10,000 riders during peak times, serving a population of 1.9 million Austinites and 19.8 million tourists each year. This makes Ecabs an incredibly dynamic and eye-catching platform for outdoor advertising campaigns. Book an Ecab ride here!

ecab 1Ads For The Road provides full HD digital displays inside each Ecab in Austin. Every display uses geo-fencing and time of day to hyper-target your advertisement. These displays can feature multiple static and video advertisements at a time. All of the Ecab’s digital displays communicate with each other to place your advertisement where it is needed. Ads For The Road also allows for 24-hour change of advertisement with no production cost!

Full and partial wraps are available on Austin’s iconic Ecab fleet. This platform reaches audiences that other outdoor advertising platforms can only dream of. With Ecab’s exclusivity in the market, there is no better way to get your advertisement noticed. Get exclusive access to Austin’s largest festivals such as SXSW, ACL, Sound on Sound Fest, and Formula 1.


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